Käppi guitars are handcrafted, special designed, electric guitars. On this blog site, you can take part in Käppi guitars building experience and follow the progress on the current projects. You can also take a look into the workshop, view images & guitar specifications etc. Stay tuned! /Michael Käppi


I believe that guitars get a personality from the interaction with the player and that they are made to inspire players. Like any brand or person, we judge them by the profile, identity and stick an associated image, personality to them. My goal is by research, elaboration and learning experience trying to create a unique design and personality that both go for better building quality, tone and playability as the aesthetic design.


Besides trying out new parts and items I can see four main values that I try to achieve in my guitar projects.

  • Design – Always try out new approaches for design. From the lines of the form to selection on wood and down to the finish.
  • Build quality – Always try to improve the built quality, finish and the selection of parts.
  • Tone – Always try to improve the quality in tone as the attack, sustain, warmth, fat, and light sound as the flexibility to change character through electronic manipulations etc.
  • Playability – As well it’s important that the guitar should be comfortable playing and holding, it’s also important to address the needs and ability to play with certain techniques.


I started to build electric guitars in the winter of 2007 at my father’s workshop and in the late spring of 2010, I got my own workshop setup. That’s nearly four years and seven guitars now as an amateur luthier on my spare time and my passion and hunger for building guitars are still growing. My professional background is as an illustrator/fine artist, Art director in the advertising business and usability/user experience expert in the software business. Probably the artistic heritage is one reason for designing guitars.