Without checklists, diagrams, and templates you pretty much fumbling in the dark. The work will consist of continuous measurements rather than actual work. And sometimes it’s a lot of things you have to recall and think about. Here you can find a varied collection of documents on diagrams, setups, instructions, and plans etc.

DIY – Plan for Neck Router Jig

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Finally, I finished the plan for the Neck Router Jig! A flexible tool that helps you to create/re-create your favorite necks, or to do more advanced asymmetric neck shapes that otherwise can be time-consuming.

Fingerboard Radius Jig in action

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I got some requests for putting up a video on how the Fingerboard Radius Jig works in real-life. And I agree that sometimes a video is a better choice to explain how things work. Anyway, here it is...

DIY – Plan for a Fingerboard radius jig

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Working with the radius on fingerboards by hand is very tire-some and time-consuming process. And it's usually in those moments that you wish to have a better way of working.

Asymmetric neck shapes

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The grip shape of the neck is important. How much wood does it take to fill up your hand? Too little equates to quicker hand fatigue. Too much is even worse. With an asymmetric neck profile (in theory) you can get a more proper playing position across all frets on the neck. To reduce strain on your wrist, fingers and forearm, the neck needs to have a supporting profile for the hand from the first and to the last fret.

Pickup wire color codes for humbuckers

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Collected a couple of pickup color code diagrams for humbuckers into one documents. Sources are from different fabrics like; DiMarzio, EMG, Seymore Duncan, Schaller, Shadow, Bare Knuckle, Lace and Gibson. Pickup-Wire-Color-Codes-for-humbuckers.pdf

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