Finally, I finished the plan for the Neck Router Jig! A flexible tool that helps you to create/re-create your favorite necks, or to do more advanced asymmetric neck shapes that otherwise can be time-consuming.

About two years ago I finished the Neck Router Jig and did a post in Swedish about the idea and how it works. And over the past years, I got some request on a plan for this jig. But I had a little resistance to do it because I know it’s a lot of cumbersome work and to relearn the SketchUp tool again. But I did know that I had to do it sooner or later 😉

NOTICE! The measurements on the plans for the Neck Router Jig is based for common guitar scales (appr. 24-27″). So if you want to use it for scales above 27″ you need probably to increase the length on the frames as the router board. The rest as the e.g. “Profile Tracker” will be the same sizes.

Also, check out my previous post this year about the Profile templates. These are the templates I used for this jig.

Download PDF file:  NeckRouterJigV1.1
For better resolution: Save the PDF-file to the desktop and open it with Adobe Acrobat Reader.
Get Adobe Acrobat Reader here!

Download Google Sketchup file (*.skp):  NeckRouterJigV.1.1
Get the Google Sketchup viewer here!

Hope this plan will help or inspire you to do better necks. Cheers!


And here’s the jig in action: Neck Shape Jig video